LEGO Sunset Speeder REVIEW

Another LEGO creator 2014 set. Read, leave a comment and keep it clean.


LEGO Sunset Speeder
Set number 31017, $15 in Big W which works out to roughly $0.12 a brick.

Items Included:
119 pieces
2 instruction booklets
2 bags
3 in 1 Build

Let me begin this review by mentioning the above. Although that doesn’t mean much to some people, I’m the type of person that actually enjoys knowing things like piece and instruction count going in. It can effect my purchasing choice as the great amount of bricks means a more detailed set. So for you all, there is the list.

Sometimes LEGO Creator sets just suck. You see a really awesome looking set, in this case an orange sport car (Speeder), the box art makes it look really slick and bulky and you can’t wait to get stuck into it. You get it home, crack open the bags and bang…it’s just not that good.

Yeah this is one of those sets.

I’ll explain. It’s the classic LEGO Creator set vehicle. 119 pieces for an asking price of roughly $0.12 a brick. Not bad. You get a lot of orange pieces which I don’t normally see, and the design of the speeder looks good.

To begin with, you’ll notice its a 3 in 1 set. Either a Truck (prime mover), F1 style race car, or the featured Sunset Speeder. Think of this like the car shown in action movies which the cop on basic salary can afford…and not be corrupt, somehow. Another topic for another time. Because of the 3 in 1 set that it is, you get 2 instruction booklets. 1 for the speeder, and the other dedicated to the remaining builds.

At only 119 pieces, you know it’s not going to be a massive build, but either way, for the most part, it’s still fairly sturdy. This is a two bag build, technically only one though because they are not numbered. Because of that, I don’t need to explain what each bag contains, but I will tell you there was an error in the instructions.

While building the front end of the speeder, it tells you to place a piece over the top of two other pieces…but at no point before that, did it tell you to place the two other pieces down. I spent a few minutes working my way back through the booklet to try find where I had messed up, but as it turns out I didn’t.

Shame on you LEGO. First time I’ve ever had that issue. I have been fooled in the past by the nearly identical looking dark grey and black, but not had this issue. Needless to say, two pages later, problem solved. It told me to put them down. Which I’m still confused about.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dumb, but still, it’s built for ages 6-12. What if they come to that part and get confused like I did?

What I do love about this build is the sporty look. Yeah I’m a sucky for great design. And this one doesn’t fail. I just love it. The low style windshield piece adds a lot to the design as it continues the sport factor it’s going for and the cabin space isn’t too bad either. More on that soon, but first my complaints.

Why oh why does LEGI do this? We get a great look sport car but each wheel locks in via a basic peg which really seems flimsy. It’s been this way for ages. Sometimes LEGO is kind enough to add a technic piece which runs between both sets of wheels. You know that long black piece which you connected a wheel from on each end? That one.

I don’t understand why LEGO can’t include that in every vehicle set. The single peg for each wheel leaves this little builds feeling, cheap. And I know it is at $15, but come on, fix this LEGO.

My other major complaint now. Yes I know we never get a mini figure with these type of creator sets. I understand that and you’ll never hear me complain. But I will complain when the cabin is built to fit two mini figures perfectly inside, and I can’t.

The passenger sits in without an issue, but because the steering wheel sticks out, which you can’t change, the drive looks like he’s resting against the wheel. Oh, and to actually get him sitting behind the wheel, you need to remove the windshield. Remove the steering wheel and shaft. Sit the mini figure in. Place the steering wheel back. And finally the windshield.

And even then, the mini figures just do not look right sitting inside. So after all that, you take them out, and just get upset because you have a cool looking sports car, and it’s driving by an A.I. We may as well fanfic it to be KITT.


Final Thoughts

That aside, did I enjoy this build? No, not really. For the most part it was a fun little build, but the flimsy wheels, and awkward mini figures in the cabin, and don’t forget the incorrect instructions…it just wasn’t the best vehicle.

With an asking price of $15 though, I can see its appeal. And I’m sure a lot of people will find ways to fix the cabin and wheel issues I have by modifying. But as it stands, I didn’t really like this build.

Feel free to leave your comments below, and if you liked what you read here, check out my LEGO Airport Fire Truck review.


    1. It is an overly simple build. But you are right, the price point makes it a fantastic purchase. Especially when trying to build up a little bunch of LEGO sets.

  1. Loving the LEGO reviews. This is exactly the kind of set I would’ve seen in a store and bought. However, now I think I’ll take my $15 and spend it on a set that’s not below the average.

    1. Thanks very much. Don’t get me wrong, not a bad set, but come on LEGO…just fix those little issue and it would’ve been something I could easily recommend. As it is though, pass on it. Not something I’ll display.

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