Ultimate James Bond List – Moonraker (1979)

The Ultimate James Bond List – Moonraker (1979)

The mid point of Roger Moore’s era, and for some people, the low point. For me, it’s excuse to bring another James Bond Ultimate List. So pull on those space suits and have those martini’s at the ready. It is time for outer space action.

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007 – Each time the Bond theme song is heard.
1. Opening gun barrel sequence
2. Fighting with the pilot over the parachute
3. While fighting with Jaws midair before pulling his chute
4. Heard briefly while entering the Glass Museum
5. Heard while sneaking around the Glass Museum
6. While riding the Gondola
7. Turning the motor on while using the Gondola
8. Just after the coffin goes into the water
9. Just after the smoker tosses his cigarette away
10. Briefly heard before turning the Gondola into a hovercraft
11. As the Gondola scene ends

You Know My Name – Bond, James Bond count. When it is said by Bond himself.

Felix Leiter –  If James Bond smokes on screen.

Nobody Does It Better – Whenever Bond beds a woman, implied of course.
1. Corinne Dufour in her room
2. Holly Goodhead in her hotel room
3. Manuela in the hotel room in Rio
4. “I think he’s attempting re-entry, sir.” Holly Goodhead in Moonraker 5.

Shaken, Not Stirred – All alcoholic beverages Bond consumes.
1. Vodka Martini in his hotel room in Rio

Licence To Kill – Every kill caused by Bond himself directly.
1. Pilot of the private jet by stealing his parachute midair
2. “As you said, such good sport.” Shooting Drax’s thug out of a tree
3. Using a knife to kill the knife throwing in the coffin
4. “Play it again, Sam” Chang thrown out of a window to his death
5 – 7. Drax’s speedboat thug via mines from Q branch speedboat
8 – 10. Drax’s speedboat thug via torpedo launcher from Q branch speedboat
11. ‘Pet’ Python with a pen needle
12. Hugo Drax by ejecting him into space

Aston Martin DB5 – Any and all modes of transport Bond travels by.
1. Private Jet
2. Private Limousine to helicopter
3. Helicopter to Drax compound
4. Drax’s private car to the hunting grounds
5. Drax’s private car away from the hunting grounds
6. Gondola arriving at the Glass Museum
7. Gondola through the Canals in Venice
8. ‘Air France’ Jet to Rio
9. Private car from Airport to Hotel
10. Cable Car back into the city of Rio
11. In fake Ambulance after cable car accident
12. Horse to MI6 base in Rio
13. Q branch speedboat on Amazon River
14. Hand glider on Amazon jungle
15. Small transport vehicle in Moonraker launch base
16. Small transport vehicle to Moonraker shuttle
17. Moonraker 6 shuttle to Drax’s Space Station
18. Moonraker 5 shuttle to escape the destroyed Space Station

I Never Joke About My Work – Any gadget Bond uses in the field provided by Q branch.
1. Wrist mounted dart shooter on the centrifuge controls
2. Q branch speedboat – rear mines
3. Q branch speedboat – torpedo launcher
4. Q branch speedboat – Hand glider
5. Wrist mounted dart shooter against Hugo Drax

I Have A Dinner Jacket – Whenever Bond wears a tuxedo.
1. Opening gun barrel sequence
2. In Rio at the Carnaval festival

For Queen and Country – All locations visited by 007
1. London, England
2. California, America
3. Venice, Italy
4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
5. Amazon River, Brazil
6. Space, not Earth
7. Drax’s Space Station

Yes, I Know, Don’t Tell Me – Any chase 007 finds himself involved in.
1. Bond chasing the pilot by free-fall
2. Jaws chasing Bond by free-fall
3. Drax’s men in boats while Bond uses his Gondola to escape
4. Bond chasing Chang up the Venice clock tower
5. Bond and Goodhead being chased by Jaws in the cable car
6. Drax’s thugs and Jaws in Speedboats on the Amazon River

Ninja TrainingAny team vs team shoot out with each team being greater than 10 members.
1. US Astronauts vs Drax’s Space station crew


James Bond will return in For Your Eyes Only

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