Knight Rider and the noticeable things…I’ve noticed

Knight Rider the list

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Knight Rider. You know that TV show from the 1980’s starring David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, and his black vehicle, KITT. Well I recently downloaded (off iTunes) the entire first season, and been making my way through the episodes bit by bit. While doing so I noticed many things which seemed to jump out at me. Over and over again the same things would happen. So I decided to make a small list of the recurring things. Quickly that small list grew into the way it is below. I’m sure there is more I haven’t picked up yet, but as I’m only on the first season, the list is only what has stood out to me and can be found below.

If you have any more to add, leave them in the comments below. Or let me know on twitter.

This list is as dead serious as Michael Knight

I am dead serious about this list

1. There is always an attractive woman involved in the plot. Acting skills are not required, as long as she is good looking.
2. There is always a town local or sherif who tries to get up in Michael’s business. The person will usually shout ‘boy’ and has cowboy boots, or a hat.
3. KITT will always preform a Turbo Boost. This will happen in slow motion over the car/s of opposing enemies, or cops. People will always be stunned.
4. If the episode run time isn’t up to scratch, filler material will be used. Copious amounts of Michael and KITT driving along deserted roads.
5. Michael will often say the phrases, ‘KITT, I need you buddy’ while in trouble, or ‘come on KITT’ while chasing a deadline and or suspect.
6. People will admire KITT and be surprised when he talks. Often happening when people are trying to steal him, or simply admiring the car and trying to open the door.
7. Enemies must have a vehicle of some kind for the last act so KITT can be part of the chase.
8. Michael will always get the girl at some point, but often will end up driving KITT as the episode closes.
9. While showing landscape shots of KITT cruising along, country and or rock music will be playing.
10. When activating a feature in KITT, Michael will often punch about five different buttons. Beep, boo sounds will always be heard when doing so.
11. KITT will remind Michael that he is not an [insert word] but actually a sophisticated computer/AI.
12. Michael Knight always has chest hair exposed. Unless wearing a suit, which isn’t often.
13. When needed, KITT will have access to camera footage that is unable to be captured because there is no security cameras available. Usually it is footage of broadcast quality and from angles the viewer at home has.
14. At least one dirt road must be driven on. KITT will always do a skid on said road kicking up plenty of dirt behind him.
15. At least one piece of scenery must be destroyed while in slow motion, and if not done by KITT, it will be done by the enemy.
16. Devon Miles will be the comic relief…because he is British and posh.
17. Although KITT is a sophisticated computer/AI, Michael will still need to tell him what to do instead of KITT reacting himself to protect his ‘pilot’.
18. Whenever reversing out of the FLAG Mobile Unit, KITT will preform a reserve 180 degree spin and burn out in the other direction.
19. Speaking of the FLAG Mobile Unit, the semi trailer will have enough room to allow KITT to have both doors wide open.
20. The enemy of the plot 90% of the time will be a business man/suit.
21. Michael will make a back pun/joke when about to preform an out of car stunt. KITT will reply with a witty comment.
22. ADR (automated dialogue replacement) is be used from time to time when bad script writing is in place and the plot needs to (badly) continue.
23. When driving into the final minutes of the episode, the camera will cut to Michael Knight with a stone cold look on his face. Determination.
24. If the plot can’t be resolved by destroying the enemy vehicle, KITT will cut them off, while Michael jumps out of the car and punches/kicks the enemy.
25. Michael will always toggle KITT’s surveillance mode instead of leaving it turned on at all times.
26. Whenever KITT preforms a turbo boost jump, the camera will often cut away just before landing because the angle of landing would completely destroy an ordinary vehicle.
27. When landing from a turbo boost jump, Michael Knight will be shown inside bouncing back and forth in the drivers seat and usually looking back. He will always have a smile on his face and shouting ‘woo’ or ‘yeah’.
28. KITT seems unable to tow a car as it does damage to his circuits.
29. KITT apparently has no air con, and windows must always be open.

Now as you can tell from the listed items, I’m nowhere near as intelligent as KITT, but I thought this would be something fun. I hope you enjoyed.

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