Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars KotOR III FanFic 3

It was many months ago (24 months to be exact), that I uploaded a chapter from a fan fiction I was working on, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III. I was such a big fan of the game series back on the original Xbox, that I wanted these characters to continue on, and my only chance at the time, was writing a continuation series.

So I did.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III FanFic was my attempt at creating a story set years after KotOR II, and telling the tale of Revan and what came next. I also took inspiration from Mass Effect, a Bioware video game, and wanted to actually see characters interact and make choices.

Making choices was always a big part of the KotOR video games, however the game engine prevented cut scenes from feeling like movies, and instead felt like a muppet show. My idea was to shade the Jedi in shadow because at the time, 2007, thats how I felt the Jedi Order was portrayed in the Star Wars Prequels. Which I enjoyed. So by having the Jedi be just as gray as the Sith, I felt the story could truely take on a new perspective, coupled with the fact I was writing it, I felt like I could really bring a fresh take to the series.

Obviously I never got past the Fourth Chapter (down below), but if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I always plan out my stories. Just read any of my previous short story ideas (here and here) and you’ll see I work out the entire idea before moving ahead.

That is why, when it came to Star Wars The Old Republic III FanFic, I wanted the entire story planned out from Chapter One to Chapter Whatever. I wanted the characters inserted into chapters, with major plot points, planets and when events would take place. I had romances and deaths sorted. I had mysterious and reveals in there and even a few characters from the games making returns in cameo and major parts. All that was planned out by me, until I realised the one simple thing holding me back; Star Wars.

I don’t own Star Wars, the characters or anything belonging to the universe. I can write as much as I want and plan out what I need to happen, but at the end of the day, nothing will come of it. It was suggested to me, “Maybe try adapt it into your own characters and universe.”

Good idea! But over ten years later, nothing has come of it. I hope that in posting this unfinished Chapter Four will give me the push to eventually start over with my own characters. But until that happens, just expect many more LEGO reviews to come. Until then, read on and if you want to hear what was coming next, let me know. I would be absolutely ecstatic to go over the basic idea of where the story was going next.


Star Wars KotOR III FanFic 2

It was about nine months ago that I uploaded a chapter from a FanFic story I wrote. The chapter was from a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic story I was writing. Of course I knew nothing would ever come of it, as I clearly don’t own the rights to Star Wars or any of the characters involved. However what I didn’t own as the idea for the story, and I was happy with where I was planning to take it. Being a big fan of the video games, the story was my way of continuing the epic adventure with the characters we all knew and loved, while adding a few of my own in for good measure.

Of course at the time of coming up with the story and outline, Star Wars The Old Republic was in the process of being made, but I had zero knowledge of the novel titled Star Wars The Old Republic: Revan. I’ve since read that novel many times and I’m a big fan of it. I recommend you give that a read.

Now that all the little back story is out of the way, all of this was written about 8 years ago. I was young, so go easy on me when you read it.