Phase 2 (14)

Welcome to part two of the untitled multi part thing I’ve got going on here. Yesterday I discussed one possible way I would introduce the X-Men/Fantastic Four characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today I present the second suggestion/idea/theory. This one is a little longer.


LEGO MARVEL: The Avengers Quinjet City Chase 76032 REVIEW

box art

LEGO MARVEL: The Avengers Quinjet City Chase 76032 REVIEW
Set number 76032, $118 from Big W at roughly .16 cents a brick.

Items Included:
722 pieces
5 mini figures
2 instruction booklets
6 numbered bags
1 page of stickers
1 brick separator

Like always, let’s kick this off by mentioning the above information. Not everyone cares, but for those that do, it can make a big difference. Click on all images for HD quality.