The Force Awakens

Love and Star Wars

Love and Star Wars

Way back in April of 2014, I uploaded a blog titled, A Sad Time In A Galaxy Far Far Away… in which I discussed my feelings toward Lucasfilm changing all extended universe stories to non-canon/legacy status. When writing the blog, I was furious with the decisions made by Lucasfilm, but at the same time I could understood why the choice was made. I’ve left a link above so you can go back and read it, but needless to say, I wasn’t impressed.


LEGO STAR WARS: Rey’s Speeder 75099 REVIEW


LEGO STAR WARS: Rey’s Speeder 75099 REVIEW
Set number 75099, $35 from Big W at roughly .18 cents per brick

Items Included
193 x pieces
2 x mini figures
2 x numbered bags
1 x instruction booklet
1 x page of stickers

All the details mentioned above can make or break a persons purchasing choice. I hope it helps and appreciate any feedback in the comments below. Click on all images for full size HD quality and find more LEGO reviews in the drop down menu above.


Star Wars KotOR III FanFic 2

It was about nine months ago that I uploaded a chapter from a FanFic story I wrote. The chapter was from a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic story I was writing. Of course I knew nothing would ever come of it, as I clearly don’t own the rights to Star Wars or any of the characters involved. However what I didn’t own as the idea for the story, and I was happy with where I was planning to take it. Being a big fan of the video games, the story was my way of continuing the epic adventure with the characters we all knew and loved, while adding a few of my own in for good measure.

Of course at the time of coming up with the story and outline, Star Wars The Old Republic was in the process of being made, but I had zero knowledge of the novel titled Star Wars The Old Republic: Revan. I’ve since read that novel many times and I’m a big fan of it. I recommend you give that a read.

Now that all the little back story is out of the way, all of this was written about 8 years ago. I was young, so go easy on me when you read it.