Short Story Idea

The following is a short story idea I came up with about 7 years ago. I was bored at work and thinking about going away for a few days. While looking at places online, the idea for the following story just popped into my head…it then took me about 5 hours to write it all down and I’m very happy with it.

It’s only a detailed outline with 99% of the dialogue not there! but the main heart of the story is intact and if you take it as a dark comedy short story, you’ll have the tone I was going for when writing it.

So read and enjoy, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to flesh it out into a completed short story.


Clone Wars Fanfic Story Idea

I have been a big fan of Star Wars and its entire universe for as long as I can remember. When I first saw the prequel trilogy at the cinemas, my mind was blown. Finally, Jedi during their prime. Then by the time Episode II and III came along, I just knew the universe had so many stories to tell.

Unlike my previous Star Wars fanfic set during the Knights of the Old Republic era, this is only an outline set during the end of the Clone Wars. It was an idea I thought up, and really would have loved to flesh it out, but I was never happy with the ending…I knew the story needed to end a certain way, but wasn’t sure how.

Anyway, I hope you find something of interest here. Let me know.