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The Endless Possibilities (9)

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in science fiction. The concept of flying cars, laser guns and space travel just completely blow my mind and at the same time, puts me at ease. Most of the stories I come up with and write about are based on science fiction of some kind, and I personally think it’s why I gravitate towards superheroes so much. They just got all the hallmarks of science fiction stories.


Space Adventure

Was going through my computer the other day and came across some old files. The following is a story idea I came up with during a day of not having anything exciting to read. Being the nerd that I am, it is of course a space adventure of some kind with spaceships and characters borrowed from fantasy and sic-fi adventure franchises I’ve always loved.

Space Source:


While you read the follow story outline, it is only an outline, remember that it is my own story with my own characters and events, so if you enjoy it, feel free to share and let me know your thoughts. Also, I wrote this outline so many years ago, MANY years ago and all I’ve done in the story before posting it here, is make sure I updated the names.