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Apple Fanboy?

Before you begin reading this review, please be aware there may be some harsh language throughout. Of course the editing stage may limit the language to only a few instances.

I am 32-years-old, and this is the first time I have ever thought the words, ‘Fuck, Apple!”

This week, Apple held an event showcasing the new MacBook Pro lineup. As rumours for the past few months had suggested, a smaller frame with increased power was revealed along with a better, brighter display and faster SSD. This new MacBook Pro came with a larger trackpad and even removed the light up Apple logo on the rear of the screen. Apple also included the new butterfly keyboard which means, goodbye click sounds when you type.

As an owner of a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, this was all the more enticing to me, but since my laptop is only three years old, I’m not in the need to upgrade anytime soon. But I was very happy watching this event and seeing the direction was moving toward.

That was until the reveal of the USB-C and Touch Bar.

Deep breath. No, Apple, just no.


Fitness Blog 001

Fitness Blog 001
I was going to make this part of my Blog Update posts, but after a while, the post grew from a few paragraphs into something…a lot more. So from here on, each time I post something about my weight loss, it will have it’s very own category. That really doesn’t mean anything for you the reader, but for me it allows my creative juices to flow. And flow they will.

It has been almost six months since my last blog update, specifically my last update in regards to my diet. When I last left you, I was at the beginning stages of my diet. I had cut out all Energy Drinks, Soft Drinks and pretty much any drink containing sugar. That was it. Nothing else special, just cut out those drinks and wanted to see what would happen to my body. Fortunately it was doing wonders for me, I shed some weight and felt a lot better in general. However as Christmas approached things changed. I continued to stay away from the sugar drinks but piled on the junk food. I replaced one habit for a lot of another habit. Over the two-week period I managed to gain 5kgs.