Space Adventure

Was going through my computer the other day and came across some old files. The following is a story idea I came up with during a day of not having anything exciting to read. Being the nerd that I am, it is of course a space adventure of some kind with spaceships and characters borrowed from fantasy and sic-fi adventure franchises I’ve always loved.

Space Source:


While you read the follow story outline, it is only an outline, remember that it is my own story with my own characters and events, so if you enjoy it, feel free to share and let me know your thoughts. Also, I wrote this outline so many years ago, MANY years ago and all I’ve done in the story before posting it here, is make sure I updated the names.


Star Wars KotOR III FanFic 2

It was about nine months ago that I uploaded a chapter from a FanFic story I wrote. The chapter was from a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic story I was writing. Of course I knew nothing would ever come of it, as I clearly don’t own the rights to Star Wars or any of the characters involved. However what I didn’t own as the idea for the story, and I was happy with where I was planning to take it. Being a big fan of the video games, the story was my way of continuing the epic adventure with the characters we all knew and loved, while adding a few of my own in for good measure.

Of course at the time of coming up with the story and outline, Star Wars The Old Republic was in the process of being made, but I had zero knowledge of the novel titled Star Wars The Old Republic: Revan. I’ve since read that novel many times and I’m a big fan of it. I recommend you give that a read.

Now that all the little back story is out of the way, all of this was written about 8 years ago. I was young, so go easy on me when you read it.


Clone Wars Fanfic Story Idea

I have been a big fan of Star Wars and its entire universe for as long as I can remember. When I first saw the prequel trilogy at the cinemas, my mind was blown. Finally, Jedi during their prime. Then by the time Episode II and III came along, I just knew the universe had so many stories to tell.

Unlike my previous Star Wars fanfic set during the Knights of the Old Republic era, this is only an outline set during the end of the Clone Wars. It was an idea I thought up, and really would have loved to flesh it out, but I was never happy with the ending…I knew the story needed to end a certain way, but wasn’t sure how.

Anyway, I hope you find something of interest here. Let me know.


Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic III FanFic

I was a big fan of Knights of the Old Republic since seeing the reveal trailers for the original Xbox release. Seeing all the lightsabers, and all the Jedi battling, I just couldn’t wait for the game. Played the first and second games, waited for the third, and then heard it was cancelled.

So I decided to write my own continuing the story of the characters I loved. This was my attempt. This is the second chapter in my fanfic. I only wrote about 4 chapters, but I had the story planned out. And I thought the story I had intended to write was going to be really good.

Anyway, I wrote this about 7 years ago. So please go easy on me, or not. I don’t mind. Just read and let me know. Comment below.



How To Fix…Spider-Man 3


I was watching Spider-Man 3 movie today. And although the movie has Spider-Man in it…its not a very good film. Rumours are that Sam Raimi and Sony pictures had some issues over the making of the film and Venom was kind of forced into the picture. Kind of feels that way. Personally though, I would’ve enjoyed the movie if it had been done a little differently.

So feel free to read my detailed outline of what the Spider-Man 3 movie would’ve been like if I was in charge. Pease forgive the any grammar or spelling errors, wrote this in only 2 hours. Not much time for editing.