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Earth One… (18)

I have promised one new post per day for as long as I can go. So far today makes that 18 in a row. I don’t intended to stop anytime soon. But doing so does require me to play around with posts I normally would upload.


New Major Comic Event

Before I begin, this was originally a follow-up post to something I wrote over a year ago. It was left unpublished and will maybe one day see the light of day…but not sure yet.

After twenty years of buying and collecting comics, I’m going to stop and spend my money on something else.

As I have mention in some of my blogs in the past, I have been actively collecting a selection of Marvel comics since the mid 1990s. Spider-Man, and anything related, throughout that time I usually picked up. And during that twenty plus year period, buying comics has cost me thousands of dollars and years of entertainment. Characters in comics have been friends as well as inspirations. Yet, as I have found lately, comics have just turned to garbage.


Love and Spider-Man

The following is a blog post simply explaining how and when I fell in love with Spider-Man.

Spider-Man 72I had always been a big fan of the character ever since my dad brought home a comic book, that was the very early 90’s. It was in 1996 however, when Marvel was at the tail end of the Clone Saga, I began reading Spider-Man comics on a monthly basis. The first issue was dated September 1996 and I stood in the newsagent flipping through the issue. Up until that point, my only real exposure to Spider-Man came from the 60’s and 90’s cartoon series of the same name. The latter of the cartoons where season long story arcs were a popular thing. I think it prepared me for comic books in general. When looking at the cover on the shelf though, that was a very different Spider-Man to what I was use to.