Phase 3 (15)

Welcome back for the final part of the, look I will be completely honest here. I don’t have a cool title for this little mini series here. I could have called it the Fox/Disney merger, or the X-Men/Fantastic Four MCU merger. It should have had a fun and punny titled. Instead I named it after the Phases the MCU uses. It allowed me to number them, and also not confuse people with the numbering for the posts in a row thing I’ve got going on.


Phase 2 (14)

Welcome to part two of the untitled multi part thing I’ve got going on here. Yesterday I discussed one possible way I would introduce the X-Men/Fantastic Four characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today I present the second suggestion/idea/theory. This one is a little longer.


Phase 1 (13)

I am pretty sure Disney now owns the film rights to FOX properties which include X-Men and Fantastic Four, so what happens from here?

Producer, Kevin Feige, has been the man behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) since its inception way back in 2008 when Iron Man was released in cinemas across the world. Since then, the MCU has managed to pump out 20 plus films, with more in active production and grossed over $17 billion at the box office making it the most successful film franchise of all time.


Two months later… (12)

Don’t get injured at work. Whatever you do, be safe, be responsible and don’t ever get injured. Don’t be like me and take a shortcut to get out of a dangerous environment. Just don’t be in the dangerous environment to begin with. This has been my life for the past two months now. I was injured at work, and two months later, I’m still dealing with all the crap.


On (Sur)face Value… (11)

Today, list most days, I found myself watching YouTube and catching up with videos in my ‘watch later’ folder. One of the videos today talked about the new iPad Pro and whether or not it was a laptop replacement. The video found it could in fact replace a laptop…depending on your use and requirements.

It got my thinking to a few months back when I was looking to buy a new laptop. Up to that point, I had only ever used Apple laptops and wasn’t a fan of Windows based OS. It never suited me and although my family computer when I was younger was Windows, I still preferred Apple and the simplistic nature of its MacOS.


Ten to ten (10)

Warning, the following post is not for those who haven’t at least had three cups of coffee yet. It requires you to be buzzing.

It’s one of those days where I’m struggling to come up with ideas. I’m sitting at work as I write this. Using my phone to belt out thoughts in the notes section. I have a coffee by my side and the crisp morning air is hitting my body. I’m not cold, but definitely feeling a chill on my face, the only part of me not covered by protective gear.


The Endless Possibilities (9)

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in science fiction. The concept of flying cars, laser guns and space travel just completely blow my mind and at the same time, puts me at ease. Most of the stories I come up with and write about are based on science fiction of some kind, and I personally think it’s why I gravitate towards superheroes so much. They just got all the hallmarks of science fiction stories.