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Top Five Favourite Games 2014

Earlier in the month, the Top Five Disappointing Games 2014 went up, and it was a hell of a list. This is my follow up to that list and as the title suggests, it contains my favourite games of 2014. I’ve played more this year, and because of that I’ve expanded to a total of six. It’s a Top Five plus One.

Be warned, there may be SPOILERS AHEAD so if you see a title and haven’t played it yet, be careful.



Top Five Disappointing Games 2014

Last year I posted my Top Five Disappointing Games 2013. As the title suggests, I listed my top five games which really disappointed me for that year. Some of those games weren’t critically panned or considered bad by any stretch of the imagination, however they were disappointing for reasons I listed. The same applies for 2014 and now that its wrapping up, I decided to revisit the concept for this year. I’ve played a few more games so now the list has been expanded with an honourable mention, so a Top Five plus One.

Remember, there will be possible SPOILERS for each game below.

Also need to point out the games listed below are disappointing games. They may not be technically bad video games, but if I was let down by them, they made the list. SIMPLE AS THAT.



Top Five Previous Generation Games (Series)

Top Five Previous Generation Games (Series)

With the recent release of the “next” generation of consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, I’ve slowly been saying good to the “previous” generation. There are still some games that have kept me playing my PS3, and there are many reasons why I’ll never be able to sell off my console and games. There are just so many games in the 7th generation that I fell in love with.

So with this list, I decided to base it purely on my favourite games series of the 7th generation, with three games released or more. Remember, like always these are my thoughts and opinions. Feel free to leave a comment down below letting me know what you think.

Oh, like always there may be SPOILERS AHEAD. You have been warned.


Top Five Favourite Games 2013

Top Five Favourite Games 2013

Yesterday I posted a blog called Top Five Disappointing Games 2013, and this is my follow up to that list. Now remember, there have been many games released this year, and although I’ve played many, I haven’t played them all. Be warned, SPOILERS AHEAD, so if you see the title of the game and haven’t played it yet, just be warned the content may contain spoilers.

So here’s my list, read and enjoy. Oh and feel free to leave a comment or share this with friends.


Top Five Disappointing Games 2013

Top Five Disappointing Games 2013

Inspired by my friend, I decided to make my own top ten list of video games for 2013, however I quickly found myself bored while trying to decide my top ten video games for this year. I realised there was no way in hell I could fill a top ten. So I settled on top five best, and disappointing games of 2013.

This way here I can really sink my teeth into my best and worst. Now, let me just explain that although there were many games released this year, I’ve only chosen five of each, and they are of my opinion. Feel free to let me know if you feel otherwise.

Lets begin with my Top Five Disappointing Games 2013.