Once, twice…(2)

I don’t think people truly understand what its like being a perfectionist. It is really bad sometimes, to the point, I can’t upload.

I’ve gone on in the past about my OCD stopping me from posting, and how I’m not happy with anything I do post, even after it goes live. I want to constantly re-edit, adjust this or fix that. But at some point, you just have to hit ‘publish’.

That’s the part that kills me time and again.

One time, I had a Back to the Future post written, edited and it sat in my drafts on WordPress for over 8 months. Each time I would hover over the publish button, and each time I would reread the post and click out leaving it as private/draft.

Eventually the post was deleted from my wordpress, by me, and I ended up completely reworking the post from a blank page into my timeline/alternate dimension BTTF post instead. I wasnt happy with that one either, but I hit publish anyway.

The reason I write this is because I’m currently sitting on another post. It currently sits at 3221 words, and talks about the DC Extended Universe aka, the DCEU.

What was going to be a series of posts discussing and dissecting the films and the problems as a whole, would’ve then given way to reviews of each film and my eventual ‘how to fix’ of each film. Was meant to be something fun for me and everyone else, and would’ve allowed me to flex my writing muscles a lot.

As you can tell though, it didn’t work out.

The 3221 words I have so far, was simply the introduction that would’ve kicked off the series. The introduction was meant to be a few paragraphs, but currently it sits at 7 pages. I have a problem and once I start, I can’t stop.

The issue now is what to do with it?

It was a month’s worth of writing between Xmas and general life duties, yet it completely moves away from the ‘introduction’ it started off as. Now it’s just a long post with me rambling on. Unedited, unfinished and no plan.

Much like this post. I have no ending planned out, but I will leave you with this…this post makes two uploads (days) in a row.

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