Fitness Blog 003

Fitness Blog 003
It’s been two months since my previous entry, and since then I’ve had two Easters, a week of annual leave and celebrated my 32nd birthday. Thankfully over that now. A year ago I would’ve been feeling the body aches and pains and complaining I’m getting old, but apart from a few grey hairs here and there, I’m feeling good. Better than good, I’m feeling like finally I’ve managed to kick this body issue in the arse, still have plenty of weight to drop, but getting there.

I’ve been at this weight loss journey since late August of 2015. Didn’t begin taking it seriously until Jan of this year. Eating right and working out. It’s paying off too. As I write this blog, I’ve managed to drop 22kgs (48lbs) in just over 21 weeks.

If someone told me at the beginning of the year I’d be 22kgs lighter after my birthday, I would’ve laughed. I’ve tried to lose weight in the past, but would cave in each time because I didn’t see results. This time was different. If you’ve read my first fitness blog (found here), you’ll be aware I took this weight loss journey in stages. This has helped me tremendously and never would’ve continued had I tackled it all at once.

I feel so much better, and although I haven’t been measuring myself as others might do, I have taken photos and also record my weight loss weekly. Plus the most important part of all, people I speak with notice the change and trying on clothes is a sure-fire way of seeing the difference.

However with all the weight I’m losing I’ve come to the conclusion this isn’t just a diet. It’s not a journey and it’s certainly not an experience. This entire thing is a change of life. I’m the type of person that so much as smells a pizza and I put on weight. I’ve battled with weight gain my entire life and now understand that to really beat this and maintain the health I want, this healthy eating and exercise…needs to be a lifestyle change.

And you know what, I don’t mind at all.

Sure, the days of grabbing McDonald’s for lunch and a pizza for dinner with plenty of coke throughout the day was the easy life, but no more. Easy for sure, but definitely not healthy. I still miss those foods, but now I actually enjoy making myself something good to eat. Don’t for a second presume I’m some sort of chef, I’m not. Yeah, I could probably rock a toque as much as the next person, but I don’t.

I must to be vigilant in what I eat, how much I consume and the exercise I do. I no longer feel sorry for myself, as its my fault to begin with. So I never expect anyone to feel sorry or sad for me either. Just understand I’m changing my life for me first, to better myself. After all, that’s what weight loss should always be about.

As part of my continued change of life, in the next few weeks I’ll also be joining a gym. Go back a year ago and me saying that, even to myself, would have me laughing like a mad man, not now though. Now I just see it as the next stage in my life.

My promise is to continue my weight loss, and also upload these blogs more often, just been a very busy few months. However I will give regular updates once I start at the gym. Actually really looking forward to it and the new experiences it will bring for me.

Until next time, stay strong.

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