Fitness Blog 002

Fitness Blog 002
In the last month, I decided that although walking is really good for me, getting my heart rate up to a standard I felt was high enough, wouldn’t happen. Even when walking at my latest pace, my heart rate only seemed to hover around the 104 beats per minute (bpm). And to get it above that, I had to throw in a quick jog to increase the beats.

At first jogging would kill me. I could manage a few meters and then give up from exhaustion and quickly settle back into my fast walk. But one day I just decided to start off jogging and managed to hit 300 meters before stopping. From that point onward, I set myself a personal goal; jog as long as possible before needing to stop and mark it all based on GPS data, then beat that goal when next I tried.

I kept track of it too. At first I hit a few meters and then 300, as mentioned above. I thought the world was my oyster, whatever the hell that means. Later that same week, I took it up to 500 meters and ‘Eye of the Tiger’ was playing in my head. Literally, I have the track on my playlist.

The very next week, it was cool outside in the evening. About 8pm at night, I set out on my walk/jog with the intent of beating 500 meters. And I did, and it was 1.1kms. Couldn’t believe myself. I had music playing in my ears and just jogged along to its beat.

Now I should mention quickly that my jog isn’t super fast. By walking, I cover 1km in just under 11 minutes. By jogging, I’ll manage around 9 minutes. So not fast, but quicker than my fast walk and gets my heart rate up around 130bpm, and that’s what I want.

So with 1.1kms under my belt, the very next week, I wanted to push myself a little further. Just wanted to see if my legs would give out on me. Headphones in. Music on. Dark outside and cool weather. Out I went and struggling, I managed to hit 2.39kms. In just over three weeks, I hit 2kms and even when stopping, my heart rate was dropping fairly quickly. Another thing I’m proud of.

I won’t lie, at 2.39kms, I was over the moon but the very next night, I needed to see if it was a fluke or not. I set out with the intention of hitting at least 2.5kms. Same conditions greeted me that night and off I went. As I approached 2kms, I wanted to give up, but continued on and eventually hit 2.53kms. A trick from me to you; I’m a big fan of classical, instrumental music. Even musical scores from films are perfect. Make a playlist and dump all the songs you want, especially those that get the heart pumping, and just go. That’s my trick. So anyway, 2.53kms. Wow.

Let me express how amazing this is considering only a month back, 300 meters left me exhausted and now I’m able to hit 2.53kms. But things have changed since originally writing this blog post.

In the last two days, I challenged myself like never before. 2.53kms is good, but I wanted more. 3kms was the aim. I discussed with my girlfriend that if I could hit 3.5kms in a full jog within 6 months, my dreams would come true. In the last two days, I’ve hit my personal best.

Saturday night I hit a staggering 3.39kms in a single uninterrupted jog. I began the first part of the walk at a quick pace, and then finished the remainder as a jog. My legs were killing me at the end stages of my jog, but I would slow myself down and then speed up again as my legs felt better. Saturday night was the best, but secretly, I wanted to go a little harder.

So Sunday evening, only hours before this blog is posted. I went for my walk. The sun was setting and I began like always, a fast walk. As soon as my Fitbit app informed me I hit the 3kms mark, I jogged. No questioning, no nothing, just jog. My heart was pumping and music was playing. I was sweating like a pig, but I didn’t care as my aim was to smash that 3.39kms. And so I did. 4.11kms in an uninterrupted jog. My total night ended up hitting 7.11kms and needless to say, I was so proud of myself, I was fist pumping the final 100 meters until I reached my front door.

I’d like to take this brief moment to apologise to my neighbours if they saw me fist pumping as I’m sure I looked like a loon. But I don’t care. 4.11kms after five full weeks. That is an amazing effort and makes me so happy to know that with a little will power, I can do it.

The next step is jog the same amount, and not be completely and utterly drained when I come to a stop. I’m hoping in 6 months I can be at that stage.

But until next post, stay strong.

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